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15 December 2009

To Permanent Revolution Collective (CoReP)

Dear Comrades,

We have decided to formally apply for fraternal political relations with the Permanent Revolution Collective (CoRep). This on the basis of the degree of political agreement already reached, reflected in the joint (uncompleted) reply to the LTF and the completed section published in the Socialist Fight No 3 on bourgeois-workers' parties and the workers' united front.

Following Gerry Downing’s visit to France to the Groupe Bolchevik school in the Summer and the discussions there we feel we have a high degree of agreement on political positions with the GB and CoRep: on Europe, Zionism/Palestine, South Africa, China and the history of Trotskyism and just as important is the method of approach to intervention in the struggles of the working class to make this application to be considered as a sympathising section initially. We look forward to full membership when we have had more and fuller discussions and have agreed some more joint documents if that is considered necessary.


Comradely, Gerry Downing for the International Trotskyist Current.