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Down with the support of French imperialism for the Tunisian and Algerian dictatorship!


Workers’ organizations must call for a general strike to protect the youth, to drive the mafia dictatorships out and to pave a way for the country and for all Maghreb!


The revolt of the youth and the workers in Tunisia and in Algeria


The world capitalist crisis has worsened the workers’ condition on a world scale: redundancies, intensification of labour, increasing prices of oil, food, housing...

On December 17th in Tunisia a 26 year-old fruit and vegetables street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, sprayed petrol all over himself in front of Sidi Bouzid prefecture after the city police had confiscated his goods. He later died from his wounds. Riots had previously broken out in Ben Guerdane in 2010, and a strike had paralyzed Redeyef and the whole Gafsa mineral basin for six months in 2008, despite the national direction of the UGTT union confederation. In late December demonstrations unfolded in most of the country. Protests spread in high schools and in universities. The Ben Ali government is arresting pell-mell high school students, lawyers, union activists, rappers, bloggers, artists, opponents… Up to now, it appears that the police have murdered 35 people. Since the murders started, the demonstrators have not surrendered and they openly accuse the president of being responsible.

In Algeria, the dramatic increase in the prices of basic necessities (oil, sugar, semolina…) provoked an uprising of the youth on the 5th January, despite the appeal for calm by the authorities and by several imams. The police murdered 5 young people.


International solidarity with the youth in Tunisia and in Algeria!


On January 11th the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered Ben Ali and Bouteflika the support of the French police, which also attacks strikers and persecutes the migrant workers in France.

The workers, the unemployed and the high school students cannot rely on the “democracies” of Europe and in North America which plunder the whole world, support and arm police states in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, occupy Haiti and Afghanistan.

Genuine solidarity with the Arab and Berber youth and workers of Algeria and Tunisia can only come from their sisters and brothers, the workers and youth of Morocco, Turkey, Egypt,  Iraq, Europe (where many are of North African descent),  and North America.

Yet the union bureaucracies and the mass parties which were built by workers are bribed by their own bourgeoisie. It is necessary to get organized in order to force the workers’ parties and unions to call for demonstrations in defense of youth in Tunisia and in Algeria, to prevent weapon exports to these countries and to put an end to the policies that restrict the entry of students or workers from Algeria and from Tunisia.

In France, in Spain, in Italy… the most effective support for the workers on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea is the determined struggle to overthrow their own government, their own capitalism, their own imperialism.


The working class must lead the mobilisations and chase Ben Ali, Bouteflika and the whole bourgeoisie away


The proletariat and youth in Algeria and in Tunisia have nothing to expect from the local “democratic” bourgeois, who just appear to be opponents of the regime but want the capitalist exploitation to continue. The proletariat, the women and the youth have nothing to expect from the Islamists, who are fierce advocates of the private ownership, whose friends in Iran become rich in the same way Ben Ali or the Algerian army staff do, who collaborated with the American army against Iraq, who also suppress the students, the women, the workers.

The waged workers, the unemployed, the youth in training cannot rely on the union leaderships of the UGTA and of the UGTT, but they must force the unions to call for a general strike to chase Ben Ali and Bouteflika away. They must get organized into councils and form a national federation for defence, for victory, to drive through their demands, and to prevent the bourgeois parties and the generals from stealing their victory the next day.

The workers must build their own revolutionary, workers and internationalist party, together with the vanguard in other countries because they need a program, the program of the socialist revolution. The gathering of all the oppressed and all the exploited has the potential to overthrow the corrupt dictatorships, to free all the political prisoners, to enforce a price freeze for vital commodities, higher wages, employment for all, decent housing for all, equal law for women, respect of the right of minorities, sexual freedom for young people, dissolution of the repressive bodies… In order to obtain and to keep these, workers’ power is necessary: to destroy the bourgeois state, to expropriate the privatised and foreign capitalist groups, to plan, to open the way for a socialist Federation of the Maghreb and the Mediterranean… Workers of Algeria, of Tunisia, of the world, unite!

12 January, 2011

Comité Communiste Internationaliste (Trotskyste) / France

Groupe Bolchevik (Collectif Révolution Permanente) / France

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