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No intervention in Chad! Retreat of all French troops! Closure of all French military bases!


On the 5th of February, while asking an authorization to the UN, the French president claimed: “France will fulfill its duty in Chad, if it has to”. The day before, the UN Security Council has already firmly condemned the attacks against the Chadian governmentand has appealed the memberstates to support to the Chadian government. On the same day, the French imperialism directed a warning to the rebel Chadian troops who were threatening N’Djamena. Sarkozy asked the French air force to fly over the Chad side of the Soudan border, in order to make sure that there is no foreign incursion”. Beforehand, he had reinforced the French detachment there on the pretext of humanitarian reasons.

According to General Mahamat Nouri, the main leader of the Chadian rebellion, the French air force “have bombedthe rebels' positions since yesterday morning until one o'clock this morning” in order to protect president Idriss Deby Itno's regime. Nouri blames “France” for a “direct intervention” in the capital. The French army admits to have given espionage and some logistic aid in the last few days. In April 2006, the French army had supplied the Chadian leadership with oil, intelligence, arms and most of all had intimidated the rebel soldiers with its planes. In February 2006, during a takeover attempt, Idriss Déby was protected by the soldiers of the 1st RPIM (paratroop). In 1990, under the Mitterrand-Rocard government, the French secret service had already helped Déby through arms.

In order to maintain its economic, diplomatic and military positions, the 5th Republic owns 10 000 bases in Chad, but also in Djibouti, Senegal, Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast... Through this device, it could intervene in several countries in Africa under De Gaulle, Giscard, Mitterrand, Chirac, often in order to put up or to maintain dictators. The French army educated and protected the architects of the Tutsis' genocide in Rwanda in 1994. The French army destroyed the Ivory Coast air force in 2004. It militarily helped the Central African president Bozizé. Sarkozy is fully continuing the French imperialist tradition. Chad hosts more than 1 000 mercenaries of French imperialism, withinthe Operation Sparrowhawkand France also supplies a Military Training Assistance Detachment (Dami). Actually the Dami, which consists of special armed forces -mostly the 1st and the 8th RPIM-, is used as an intelligence and power protection unit, and it is not known as a defender of human rights.

Besides its strategic position, Chad became an oil-producing country, whose resources are shared by American, English and French oil companies. On the 28th of January, the Foreign Secretaries of the European Union memberstates decided to send 3 700 soldiers to Chad and to the Central African Republic (“EU Military Operation in Eastern Chad and North Eastern Central African Republic”), whereas 20 000 soldiers are planned there for the UN and the African Union (“Unamid”), under the pretext of helping Darfour people in Sudan.

Therefore Africa is still underdeveloped despite its natural and human ressources. Corrupt political leaders are still under economic, political and military pressure from imperialisms, mainly France and the US. Plunders and rivalries between the capitalist powers accelerate the repression of the workers' movement, the oppression of women, political unstability, militarism, ethnical confrontations, people's displacement, genocides... Charity, NGO andhumanitarian interference” are just the corollary of colonialism, of European and American rule.

In France, the working class and youth, including many African-born workers and students, must smash the plundering by big French capitalist firms, must prevent the interference of the secret service and army who protect their interests. The workers' organisations, parties and unions, must implement a united front in order to prevent any intervention of their imperialism in Chad: street demonstrations, blockings of transport and of communication.

This implies no support to the armed opposition, whose social and political basis is similar to the incumbent regime, and who would become, in case of victory, a go-between for foreign rule. The struggle of the French working class and youth against imperialist interference will, on the contrary, contribute to prepare the overthrow of the representatives of the local exploiting classes by the proletarians and by the poor peasants of Africa, in order to set up workers' and peasant governments, in expropriating the capitalist groups, in building the socialist United States of Africa.

In order to lead an efficient joint fight against the imperialist powers like France and against their local go-between like Déby, a fraternal collaboration , a revolutionary workers' international is necessary.

No to any French armed intervention in Chad, with or without UN approval! Denunciation of all official and secrete treaties! Retreat of French troops from Chad, from Ivory Coast, from Afghanistan...! Closure of all French military bases! Right of entry and of residence for all African students and workers!

Paris, 5th of February 2008