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No intervention in Syria and in Iran by Western imperialisms or by Israel! End the sanctions!


The United States, the European Union and Israel in a latent war against Iran


The old imperialisms attempt to keep their rule over the near-East and its energy resources against the growing interference of the emerging imperialisms and against the threat of a social revolution. After invading Iraq and Afghanistan, after intervening in Libya, they threaten Iran and Syria. The United States and the European Union recently hardened the economic sanctions against Iran; Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy “discard no alternative” against it. Israel probably initiated the digital attacks against Iran and the assassination of Iranian physicians; Netanyahu never has never hidden that he intends to bomb Iran.

Such threats and crime activity seriously remind the bombings of Irak in 1981 and of Syria in 2007 by the Israeli army, the blockade by the UN against Iraq between 1990 and 2003, responsible for hundreds thousands deaths, the invasion of Iraq in 1991, decided by Bush Sr, Mitterrand and Major, the repeated operations of the British and US armies under the command of Clinton and Blair from 1998, and the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Bush Jr at the time cited the pretext that Hussein was supporting Al-Qaeda and that Iraq was holding “weapons of massive destruction”. Now, the pretext for the UN sanctions, for the terrorist acts by Israel and for the military threats is that Iran intends to be equipped with the nuclear weapon. No serious proof backs up such a charge. The Iranian State claims that it only leads a civil nuclear program and it leaves the way of its installments to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

In any case, the Western imperialisms and the Zionist colonizer have no legitimacy for preventing another State to get equipped with any weapon. When Iran was ruled by a monarchical dictatorship, which was set up by a coup in 1953 (it was stirred up by the American secret services and supported by the Islamists), it started getting equipped in nuclear material with the help of the United States and then of France. Israel, which is founded on the expulsion of the Arabs from Palestine, acquired the atomic bomb, with the help of France, and then of the United States, with the greatest contempt to the “international law”. Israel used forbidden weapons during its last invasion of Gaza in December 2008-January 2009. Its army bombed Gaza on the 8th Mars 2012 and killed twelve people.

The capitalist shipping companies in the United States and in Europe sell means of destruction in massive doses to the whole world. The US, British and French armies are equipped with a huge nuclear gear, which they can use it on the world scale (planes, missiles, bases, submarines). The United States alone can destroy the planet and they already used the nuclear weapon against Japan in 1945 (200 000 deaths).


After Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, is it Syria’s turn?


Nothing is more ungrateful than an imperialist power. The Iranian regime is not properly rewarded for its services to the capitalist world order in having crushed the revolution in 1979-1980, in having privatized since 1988, with the greetings of the IMF… Likewise, it did not serve the Syrian regime to have muzzled the workers’ organizations and deleted the strikes in 1963, to have crushed the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon in 1983, to have supported the imperialist war against Iraq in 1991, to have begun privatizing in 2000, to have given “terrorists” to the American secret services in 2002, to have taken part, with Israel, to the creation of the Union for the Mediterranean supported by the French imperialism in 2008 (as a reward, Bachar al-Assad was very honorably received by Sarkozy in Paris, on the 14th July).

The Western governments and their Zionist ally had no trouble with Ben Ali, Mubarak, Kaddafi and Assad when they were keeping law and order. But a revolutionary wave weakened Northern Africa and Western Asia, concerning Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, Oman, Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain…

In Syria, which regime is allied with Iran, all started in March 2011, in Deraa, when fifteen teenagers were arrested for graffitying on the walls: “People want the fall of the regime”. Demonstrations happened again and again in Deraa and spread in the whole country. The Ba’ath party and Assad proved unable to keep the law and order against the revolt of the youth and the workers, as the RCD and Ben Ali, the NDP and Mubarak, the “Revolutionary Committees” and Kaddafi did.

Despite Israel’s call to support Mubarak and Assad, taught as they were by the Tunisian instance, the governments of United States, Britain, France and Germany, as well as Turkey changing mind, judge that it is better that Assad leaves. Under the fear of a social revolution, the United States and the European Union bet on Islamic parties, like in Egypt, in Libya and in Tunisia. Together with Turkey they prepare a bourgeois solution, the Syrian National Council, as reactionary as the Libyan TNC. Islamism is the main component of the SNC. It does not acknowledge the Kurds’ rights, it calls masses to get killed without resistance by the army. It supports the proposal of “UN protected areas”, a device already used against Iraq and against Libya in order to prepare imperialist interventions.

Assad refuses to give in. He intensifies repression with the bourgeois army, the secret police, and the Ba’ath’s militias, all of which killing 5000 people (fire on civilians, bombings of whole districts, arrests and executions even in hospitals, torture…). He bets on the help of neighboring Iran, on the support of China and of Russia, who both have a right of veto in the UN Security Council.


The intensification of the imperialist rivalries in the Near-East


At the UN, Russia and China blocked any military intervention in Syria, and they rejected the new sanctions against Iran that the United States, Germany, France and Britain claim to impose to the whole world in the bank and energy sectors.

The unity between Western powers is only apparent. The break-up of Yugoslavia (in seven small States, all being under the rule of an imperialism) was stirred up by the rivalry between France and Germany, between the European Union and Russia. The previous US interventions in Western Asia were always aimed to keep the US rule and to ensure their supply in oil and gas, to the detriment of other imperialisms. This explains why France, Germany and Russia refused to take part to the second intervention in Iraq in 2003. France tried to strengthen its position in Northern Africa and Near-East with the 2007 project of Union for the Mediterranean; but in 2008, Germany imposed that the whole European Union should be part it. Sarkozy tried to deflect attention from his late support to Ben Ali in initiating the hunt against Kaddafi as soon as the opportunity appeared, in 2011, but he needed the US army for setting the TNC on power. Italy, Spain and Belgium recently forced the European Union to differ their blockade on the Iranian oil.

Not only old imperialisms fight each other in their “Near-East”, but they must face new imperialisms, especially from Russia and from China. The US bourgeoisie had not expected that its greatest historical victory, the restoration of capitalism in USSR and in PRC by their Stalinist bureaucracy, would turn into the emergence of new competitors. On the one hand, Putin and Hu fear the contagion of the revolt of Persian, Arabic and Berber people against the despotic regimes; on the other hand, the bourgeoisies they represent face the interests of the old imperialisms which, under the US rule, shared the world in the last sixty years. In the context of an economic decline and of military failures of the main imperialism, the emerging imperialisms challenge it more and more openly.

Russia, having a naval military base in Syria (Tartous), sells a huge quantity of weapons to Iran, even if, because of the UN decisions, it did not dare deliver its most effective missiles. The Russian capitalist groups invest in energy and in aluminum in Iran through co-owned firms with Iranian capitalist groups.

China has become Iran’s first trade partner with 30 billion dollars. The Chinese State takes advantage with the Western blockade in negotiating attractive prices for the Iranian oil and natural gas. The Chinese economy buys 20% of the Iranian oil, which meets 11% of its needs. In return, it sells its manufactured goods (including missiles) and services (in constructing railways and metro lines). It also exports capital: among others, the oil companies CNCP and CNOOP and the car company Chery have invested in Iran. Beyond that, the Chinese firms create subsidiaries in all States in the Persian Gulf, and China is about to supplant the United States in Pakistan and in Afghanistan, or even in Iraq.


The working class must break with all the bourgeoisies and eradicate imperialism in order to prevent wars and to emancipate ruled countries


The Chinese and Russian governments supported Ben Ali, Mubarak and Kaddafi against their population until the end. They now support the mass murderer Assad, as well as Ahmadinejad and Khamenei who put strikes down, privatize, oppress national minorities, women and youth, drag the economy down with militarism… The Chinese State does not acknowledge the right of minorities (Tibetan or Uyghur) to leave it. The Russian States keep the Chechens within its borders through force.

Whatever may be the pretences that are used, “fight against terrorism”, “democracy” or “people’s protection”, the Western interventions in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Libya result in the dismemberment of the country, the rise of Islamism, the intensification of ethnical and religious struggles, the generalization of torture. In Georgia, the interference of the Russian imperialism and of the Western imperialisms led to pogroms and to the division of the country. For all the people in the region, nothing is to be expected from the fight between big powers, except in taking advantage of it in freeing themselves from any foreign rule through a social revolution that spreads to imperialist centers themselves.

If they achieve the defense of their own interests, instead of being submitted to any fraction of the world bourgeoisie, whether it is national or foreign, “progressive” or clerical, the waged workers can lead all the oppressed and achieve a real revolution, a social revolution.

In Egypt, in Iran, in Tunisia, in Libya, only the proletariat is able to establish democratic liberties, to ensure the rights for non-Persian or non-Arabic national minorities, to emancipate women, to give the land to poor peasants, to supply work for all, to gradually unify the region through the socialist federation of Western Asia or of the Mediterranean. Israel proletariat will keep divided and powerless as long as its Jewish component does not acknowledge the Arabs’ national rights, which will lead to question the Zionist colonial State and will pave the way to a democratic, secular and socialist Palestine.

The first responsibility of the proletariats in the old imperialist countries, which often include significant layers from Africa or from Asia, is to fight against any interference of their own exploiters in the foreign countries, for the retreat of the imperialist troops from all the ruled countries, for the withdrawal of the naval navy fleet and military bases. The workers will then unify their ranks, they will determinedly defend their interests against capitalism , which is responsible for crises and unemployment, they will crush the fascist groups, oust all the bourgeois governments, disrupt the bourgeois State, establish their own power and expropriate capital.

Social-democracy and labourism have been submitted to the bourgeoisie for a hundred years, Stalinism for eighty years. In order to break with the bourgeoisie and to take the power, the construction of the workers’ revolutionary party everywhere is necessary. In order to break with the bourgeoisie and unify the proletarians in all the countries, the construction of the workers’ revolutionary international is necessary.