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French imperialism also threatens Iran, and then reinforces US pressure

No agression against Iran! Imperialist troops out of Iran, out of Afghanistan, out of Iraq!


During the ambassadors’ conference on August 27th, Nicolas Sarkozy gave his first important speech on foreign policy as a president of the Republic. First he described the main world danger as a “confrontation between Islam and the West”, and then he threatened bombing against Iran, in a veiled way:

It cannot be accepted than Iran owns the nuclear weapon… The current way of proceeding with gradual sanctions (still reversible if Teheran opens up) is the only way to avoid a disastrous alternative: Iranian bomb or bombing Iran. (Le Figaro, August 28th 2007)

The day after, in front of a war veterans association, Bush denounced “Shiite extremism, abetted by Iran”, which would threaten the region with a “nuclear holocaust”.

On September 16th, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, who was a member of the Socialist Party a few months before, made Sarkozy’s words explicit:

We have to expect the worst, said Bernard Kouchner on Sunday about Iran. When he was asked what it meant in the Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI, the head of French diplomacy answered: that is war. (Le Figaro, September 16th 2007)

On September 22 th, as he was kindly received by the American Minister of Defense, Kouchner claimed:

It is not an acceptable perspective for us that Iran could own the nuclear weapon... They are trying to save time... Teheran has made the choice to face the international community, and this obliges to raise the pressure. (Le Figaro, September 22th 2007)

Such strange referees of world peace are endowed with a nuclear weapon that can destroy the whole humanity, and by no means they threaten Israel, which already owns the nuclear weapon.

The Iranian regime, for its part, uses such threats in order to reinforce its fading popularity, and it claims that its nuclear program is limited to uranium enrichment for a civil use. Clearly, the words that are pronounced by president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and by the “supremeg uide” Ali Khamenei are no more reliable than Bush or Sarkozy’s words. Ahmadinejad’s clerical bourgeois regime does not question world capitalism, but it only tries to release the US grip in supporting the Shiite movements in Liban and in Iraq, and in leading its nuclear program. In 1979, the clerical power dissolved the workers’ committees (shoras), prohibited any opposition, put the workers’ movement down, obliged the women to wear the veil and banned any expression for the national minorities. In 1981, it imposed a control of “Islamic purity” to teachers and to students. In 1987, it solved the problem of prison overpopulation in killing 12 000 political prisoners. In 1988, Iran got submitted to the IMF. Khamenei and Ahmadinejad privatize with all their might.

Yet there is a difference between the imperialist States and the rest of the world which is under their rule. The influence of the Iranian bourgeois State in the region is limited and sure it is not able to bomb the United States or France, whereas the United States, and France on a lower scale, are military powers with several military sites all over the world, with warships off Iranian coasts. In particular in 2003, the United States demonstrated that they could bomb, invade and occupy a country under a false pretext. As far as France is concerned, it takes part to the occupation of Afghanstan and it protects Israel since 2006, after participating the 1991 first war against Iraq and the 1999bombings of Serbia.

It seems that the American administration is tempted by some collision course after its failure in Iraq, in attributing it to Iran and, on a lower scale, to Syria. But since it is currently unable to occupy another country, after Iraq and Afghanistan, it needs to legimitate a possible bombing of Iran, and for that reason French backing is precious.

Despite the unavoidable rivalry between imperialisms, the French president, for his part, is ready to back up the American State in order to discipline the regimes of the dominated countries. In acting so, Sarkozy and Kouchner intend that their masters, the big French capitalist groups, will be able to keep their part of the world loot. Besides, the French State intends to build a second aircraft carreer, with a nuclear propulsion.

The workers of the world, and chiefly the parties stemming from the working class and the unions in France and in the United States must dismiss any interference of the American or French powers in Iran, they must neutralize the imperialist bandits by all means, and they must definitely overthrow them through the socialist revolution.

The proletariat and the youth of Iran must overthrow the reactionary regime of corrupt ayatollahs who put down strikers, women, students, national, religious and sexual minorities. Beside, on March 8th 2006, a thousand women bravely demonstrated in Teheran; in December 2006 and in March 2007, students rebelled; several strikes have occurred since 2002, like busdrivers strikes in December 2005...

In each revolutionary breakthrough, in 1947, in 1953, in 1979, Iranian peoples were betrayed by the submission of the Toudeh Party to the “national bourgeoisie”, on the name of the anti-imperialist united front. The Iranian Stalinists capitulated against the monarchist Pahlavi in 1946, against the secular nationalist bourgeois Mossadegh in 1951, against the Islamist bourgeois Khomeiny in 1979. In 1979, the organizations who were born in the 1970s on the left of Toudeh (Fedayin, Peykar...) also supported Khomeiny, including the group claiming itself as Trotskyist (HKS), connected to the Pabloist USIQ and to the Castroist US SWP.

For the next opportunity, the courage of the masses needs to get accompanied with a reliable leadership, a workers’ revolutionary party with permanent revolution as a strategy, with the alliance of the training youth, all the workers from cities and from countryside, under the leadership of the working class. Then, the proletarian revolution, in implementing a workers’ and peasants’ government, in expropriating the landowners and the big capitalists, will lead the whole Western Asia to free itself from the foreign imperialists, from the local exploiters, and from the parasitic and obscurantist clergy.


September 30th 2007